use of weapons

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Using words as weapons


I grew up on a council estate in the seventies and eighties. I fell asleep at night to dreams of nuclear war, woken up by the sound of jets speeding over the estate practicing flying below radar , across our estate and on towards the malverns, practicing their tactics for the European field of operations should Reagan and Thatchers’ posturing turn my brief life incandescent.


I terrified my younger sisters with graphic descriptions of what would happen if they did drop the bomb. It felt like a terror I would never escape, but finally the wall fell and I could sleep easily and talk easily without having to dream or rant about the madness of the world.


But now I believe we have even more dangerous weapons , a

more imminent threat, the terror has returned again, along with the sense of helplessness in the face of big events. Threatened by the weapon of mass stupidity that in the face of obvious facts refuses to learn from history;

that austerity leads to fascism,

that ideology is a cowardly politicians refuge from the truth,

and that the poor of the land including me will be thrown into the jaws of the war machine because , because a philosophy of economics has wormed itself back out of the grave where we laid it after the great depression and burnt everything in its path to exclude rationality, kindness and basic human decency from any discussion about society and what is needed to make the terror go away.  

Who are you serving?

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Who are you serving? Minimum no wage and voting conservative ? Do you like being a slave .Minimum age and your being exploited who are you going to serve, If your not stacking shelves then your being sanctioned , if your not being sanctioned your being taken , in a blacked out car to some rich estate where , if your a boy or a girl , it doesn’t matter , your going to be used and passed around by , a minister , a minister of state , or a business leader , because the only value you have now is as a statistic to bolster figures drawn from a hat to justify their latest attack on the society we all once believed in , all all once believed in , and the rest of us are too busy partying , or scanning the internet on ebay , fighting over the scraps they are leaving , believing we are at the head of the table when really we are all willing and able , to sell our children and our childrens’ children into slavery , but as Brand said , as Brand said , a revolution is coming , if we can just get past the fables that the papers and news media sell us , that a land of opportunity awaits us , if we just work hard and don’t ask questions as they sell off everything that they’re able to convince us isn’t working, like truth, like truth, like truth , hit the like button and tell the truth , if they’ll let you.  

Black is white is black statement of intent

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Paradox and syllogism

All politicians are liars

David Cameron is a politician

Therefore David Cameron is a liar


We do not have to obey authority anymore because those in authority lie:

we will look after the poor,

we will not look after the poor,

we will make them poorer.


This is not an analysis of our current situation , that analysis is self evident to even the most brain-dead Zombie member of what was once called society but is now more accurately called a globalized mass consumption border defined semi autonomous region. It is more of a veiled call to arms ,there is a spectre haunting Europe.

What is society for ?

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(In the light of the death of the witch)


What is society for?

Who does it serve?

If people make up society , society is for people. That which serves the people is pro society that which does not is anti societal. The needs of the people are foremost, society can be broken into smaller subgroups of different interests or different views but all are contained within societys umbrella. No man woman or child is an Island. As with neighbours difference can be tolerated to a degree.

We need to get away from ideas of socialism and marxism and neoliberalism , rejecting any philosophy which harms a majority , or a significant minority or harms the values of tolerance which allow a society to hold together. Anything which destroys or damages social cohesion must be rejected , change is good and necessary , but not if that change is damaging, or causes irreparable damage.

Neoliberalism , or the economics of the freemarket is one such philosophy. It allows its followers to justify large numbers of unemployed in industries it deems to be no longer profitable whilst at the same time saying it has no responsibility for those unemployed ( see Thatchers eighties) breaking social cohesion in large sections in society, which in turn damages society as a whole. Neoliberal solutions such as they are involve punishment, villifacation, forced labour and demonisation , setting large groups of society outside its sphere of reference and thus subhuman ( the language of fascism applied to economics) , when a society turns on a large section of its population this can be termed civil war. Those once enfranchised and deemed to be useful are disenfranchised and deemed to be parasites , scroungers and to be pushed to one side as no longer economically useful, like machines worn out and no longer productive sent to the scrap yard to be broken up . There is an undeniable logic to this , but it is the logic of the sociopath and the madman.

What is the solution to this? A Rebalancing of society along honest lines. It is our responsibility as a society to look after the needs of those who exist within it. To give purpose and meaning and participation, to do otherwise is not in societys interest. We waste the huge bank of talent and resource when we look only at profit and loss. Neoliberalism has failed country after country leaving only bitterness , pollution and human wreckage in its wake, society is too important to leave to some vague notion of invisible forces balancing in response to supply and demand. Each member of society has needs and those needs must be met , not in a consumerist manner necessarily , but in respect of living conditions , health, education, participation , and work, if we work for society do we not enrich it? I do not believe that there is no such thing as society, only people, I believe that we as individuals cannot exist without society, a society which values our individuality but also allows us to contribute to the common good.

There are some who will say this is a fantasy , or communist , or unsustainable , or even the question of the age , who is going to pay for it , The dragon waiting to be slain is the assumption that the people do not already contribute, they have contributed over and over again , in sweat and work and the creating of value , only for this value to be taken from their hands by those who would try and persuade us that one or two industrialists bring or create wealth. Their is no such thing as a wealth creator , there are only those skilled enough in creating the illusion that steals the candy from the childs hand, through propaganda , control of media , and the use of force. If a society has a parasite , and neoliberalism is that parasite , we must all take the purgative that wipes that worm from our bodies. There are those who will wish no end to this , manipulated by the subtle hand of the parasite , of course we are talking of those who fallend for the illusion and hold the overseers whip in their hand , the manager , the politician , the economist , allowed for a while to percieve an illusion that they might reach for the high table if they work hard enough , but hard enough never allows them to take their place in the hall of illusion, yet they keep trying and trampling on society at large. They must have the scales taken from their eyes. For to do otherwise is to commit a vast and ongoing ritual suicide as the shadows laugh atop their dragons piles, which prove useless as the world burns with the toxic waste created by their pursuit of power.

Software will not change your life

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Software will not change your life. Software will not make you a better person, you will not find your life more organised , you will chase after that elusive file , that picture you cant quite find , which might be on this hardrive ot that hardive, or deleted or lost , or really you never had it in the first place because unlike getting your photos and negatives back from the chemist you are responsible for the care and survival of things which really never existed.
    Software will not make you sexier , funnier or more attractive to the opposite sex. The ability to turn on and turn off your laptop, smartphone, Desktop or server grade hardware does not equal a mensa grade intelligence, it merely points that , like a kettle or television you can find the on off button.
    A smartphone will not change your life, you may as well replace it with a mirror, more handy in survival situations , and gives a clearer view of your face which in essence is what social media gives you , a mirror in which to stare at yourself rather than the state of the world around you. Like wise your laptop , netbook or tablet.You are not a smartphone user you are a smartphone consumer ,  a tablet consumer an app consumer. To say that you are a smartphone user would imply that a smartphone is useful , that you are useful, that you are busy doing something that is important , you are not, you are using your smartphone to facilitate the mutual masturbation of pointless status updates whilst ignoring what is really going on around you.
    Software will not change your life.Things which once had physical form have been magically transformed into content that can be monetised by others or spied upon and used as evidence against you in the ongoing war of us v’s them. we have exchanged privacy and anonymity for a toy we do not understand , a random stranger we meet in the street we feel compelled to tell everything to in a way which we would regard as foolish and dangerous if it were in real life. 

If death comes quickly

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If death comes quickly

A sudden burning light
And we were all turned into shadows
Burned and etched into the pavements and walls
(of those still standing).

Or so it seemed to my adolescent mind,
How can I describe the terror,
The waking at each low flying plane
Crossing over our council estate.

It does not seem now that we shall be dusted
Into corners as madmen press buttons
That will release armageddon,
But be ground down by a free-market fear
As it eats us one by one.

That ones a skiver , that one a striver,
And that one walks with a stick,
If we can’t sell them health
Or the illusion of wealth
Then its hamburger time for them.

If death comes quickly my shadow will be left
Pointing and cursing  a collective madness
That values a banker above a poet,
a politician above a doctor
an ideology above the evidence right in front of our eyes
That those who suck young blood
Get away with it time and again whilst we are left
To pay the price.

Fire up the ovens ,
its Auschwitz time,
Haven’t you heard?
Its time to find a scapegoat
And the papers say the fault is entirely mine.

Every generation is haunted by a terror,
Terror makes shadows of us all,
dusted against the pavements and walls
(of those still standing).



Datacrash Jihad

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Todays big id. As surveillance on the internet and elsewhere becomes ubiquitous the powers that be have proved their untrustworthiness and contempt for our privacy and social interactions by setting up vast data centres to store and sort through everything we say or do. supposedly in an attempt to catch criminals , paedophiles or terrorists, the real reason is obviously control of populations and most obviously thought control and self monitoring. we dare not say anything political or subversive for fear of the knock on the door ( thus well publicised cases in the media of people arrested at airports or at home for posting innocuous or unthought out things on facebook or twitter , or even anti terrorist police going into schools to tell twelve year olds not to protest at the shutting down of youth centres).( next post bomb)

okay , so what can be done? heres my modest proposal. Its a truism of computing that garbage in equals garbage out. Vast data centres have fast clever algorithims which sort for key words and connections between people by association ie your mobile was near so and sos mobile, you visited this site said this, this is about predictability and extrapolation. If we as a mass start to add noise into this system ie put in random obvious key words (islamic jihad) it becomes harder and more expensive for those systems to sort through mountains of fake positives. Add a key word or phrase to every email you send , every text you send and see the system of surveillance disintegrate ( more bomb)

buy anonymous sims , throwaway phones send random key word loaded texts to other anonymous phones in locations agreed on in advance. make the system of surveillance collapse by sheer amount of information , make garbage in garbage out your mantra. ever watched a computer slowdown under the weight of viruses and bloatware or even just anivirus software , thats the principle. we are many , they are few. This is passive resistance to a system we did not ask for and is undemocratic and plain wrong, think about it. i for one will assemble detonation caps for [placement in every email sms etc that i send.( more)

to collapse a system you must feed it disinformation, annoyed by adverts that follow you around the internet? become random , these ads are targeted at you because you visit certain sites they build up a picture of you , what if that picture is a false one you make by randomly visiting sites you would never think of, for things that dont interest you , the picture they build up of you becomes false , their ad targeting and ,market research becomes worthless. crash that system and marketing no longer matters because they dont know who they are marketing or profiling. datacrash that system. jihad.

think of it as digital graffiti . The opposition are sure as hell doing it by creating trolls ( ie patricia stone on atos miracles) creating fear uncertainty and doubt, doubt and fear being the greatest tool of any oppressor. become a troll yourself, set up multiple online personalitys which interact in random ways fill in online forms randomly , falsely, lie , destroy the basis upon which algorithms work, predictability is enslavement gigo is freedom ( terrorist attack soon)make images which are not images ( data bend , circuit bend) , make a trend of adding in trigger words, post videos which are nonsensical , make music which is not music. break their system , because it was ours until they started to coopt it for surveillance . This is the gandhi model , not violence but passive resistance. think about it, a billion facebook users chant bomb or islamic jihad , who are they going to track and trace as algorithms and servers burn out in langley or gchq. kill servers with loose talk , kill algorithms with databends and circuit bent conversations .ubiquitous surveillance makes everyone a de facto terrorist. so lets start acting like one.GiGo


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